The Best Guide to Using Salis for the First Time

Think hydration is just about water? Think again. From beginners to the most experienced runners optimizing your electrolyte intake is a vital aspect of hydration that is often misunderstood, yet plays a pivotal role in your performance. A question that often comes our way from our athletes is:

"How should I use Salis for the first time?"

In this post we will share some general recommendations on how to get started.


Understanding Salis

Salis is not just another dietary supplement; it is a meticulously crafted electrolyte formula designed specifically for athletes. At its core, Salis delivers a concentrated blend of the 5-essential electrolytes that replenish what your body loses during physical exertion. This replenishment is key to maintaining not just hydration, but also regulates a wide variety of biological functions. The primary benefits include sustained energy levels, reduced cramping, and enhanced muscle endurance. Unlike popular pre-workout supplements that often contain stimulants, the effects of Salis are subtle, yet deeply impactful. Athletes using Salis often report a notable improvement in their endurance and a reduction in fatigue. Essentially, Salis works quietly in the background, fine-tuning your body's performance, so you can focus on the workout at hand.


First-Time Use Protocol

Begin your Salis journey with a straightforward, consistent routine. Using Salis for the first time? Start by swallowing one full packet of Salis about 45 minutes before every run for an entire week, accompanied by 12 oz of water for optimal digestion. This regularity is key for your body to adapt and fully absorb the electrolyte benefits. Not just about hydration, this regimen prepares your muscles and nervous system for running's demands. Committing to this week-long protocol is more than a trial; it is your first step towards enhanced running performance and endurance. Stick to this routine and notice the subtle yet significant improvements in your running comfort and recovery.


The Second Week – A Comparative Experience

In the second week, take a pause from Salis. This break is intentional, allowing you to directly compare your running experience with and without Salis. It is during this time that many runners truly notice the contrast in in how they feel during runs. The absence of Salis reveals its impactful role in your running routine. Pay attention to how your body responds – the difference in energy levels, hydration, and perceived level of effort. This comparative experience is crucial in understanding the unique benefits Salis brings to your runs and overall well-being.


Understanding the Salis Effect

The Salis Effect becomes most apparent in its absence. After a week of runs enhanced with Salis, its absence in the following week brings a clearer appreciation for its benefits. Runners commonly report a stark contrast – the same workouts suddenly feel more demanding. Those 'easy' runs surprisingly feel more challenging, with decreased energy levels and increased fatigue. Many athletes also report a heightened sensation of thirst during their runs. This shift is a powerful testament to how Salis subtly yet significantly bolsters your running experience, underlining the importance of balanced electrolytes for sustained performance and endurance.


Listening to Your Body

Tune into your body's signals during and after your Salis trial. Runners frequently report feeling more powerful and energized with Salis, noting a marked difference when they pause its use. This self-awareness is key. Notice how your energy, hydration levels, and overall endurance vary. Your body's response provides valuable insights into the tangible benefits Salis offers, emphasizing its role in enhancing your running experience.



Discover the full impact of Salis by trying it for two weeks and observe the difference. Share your experiences or questions with us. We want to hear how Salis makes you feel!

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