Frequently Asked Questions

30 Endurance Release Tabs.

10 Salis Daily Packs, each containing 3 Salis Endurance Release Tabs

We recommend swallowing Salis Endurance Release Tabs at least 30 minutes before every workout. 

We recommend taking 3 Salis Endurance Release Tabs before every workout.

Proper hydration is key to achieving optimal performance. Whether you are training or competing, the electrolytes found in Salis (sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and chloride) will aid in the absorption of water, keeping you hydrated and energized.

Yes, especially for endurance events. 

The expiration date can be found stamped on the bottom of each Salis Daily Pack. Generally speaking, once each daily pack is opened it should be consumed.

Feel free to email us at with any questions, comments, concerns about your order or the product.

Yes, Salis Electrolytes are great to aid with your recovery.

Salis Endurance Release Electrolytes work for up to 8-hours.

Salis Electrolytes should be stored in a cool, dry place (at or below 78 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Most of the nutrients in Salis are water-soluble, any excessive consumption will be excreted through urine. However, each daily pack contains over 300mg of Sodium. Excessive sodium intake for sedentary individuals can lead to chronic diseases. Our products are designed to be used in line with an active lifestyle. They are meant to be consumed before, during, or after exercise.

Salis Electrolytes contain a powerful blend of the 5-essential electrolytes every athlete loses when they sweat. They are: Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride and Phosphorus plus Chelated Zinc.

Salis does not contain any nutrients that cannot be consumed by children. However, daily requirements for children differ to what’s recommended for adults. Salis when consumed in greater quantities may not be suitable for children. We suggest consulting with your child’s physician prior to use.

Yes, Salis is keto friendly.

Salis Electrolytes do not contain any animal products.

Salis does not contain any ingredients that would conflict with athletes that are gluten intolerant.

We are continuing to expand our availability in independently owned running, cycling and triathlon shops. If you would like to see Salis available at your favorite local shop, please drop us a note at

Salis Electrolytes do not contain any sugar, period! The electrolytes in our Endurance Release Tabs will have no impact on blood sugar. We recommend consulting with your physician with any additional questions or concerns.

If you don’t love how Salis Electrolytes make you feel, you may request a refund, no questions asked.

All orders over $35 are shipped free of charge.

Salis is proudly made in the USA.