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You Start

Optimal Hydration for the Modern Athlete

Use Before Every Workout

Optimal Hydration

Combats heat stress, cramping,
nausea and fatigue

Peak Performance

Delivers a concentrated blend of the 5-essential electrolytes

Sustained Energy

Proprietary Endurance Release Formula works for up to 8-hours

Get Your Salis

Easy to use. Nothing to prepare. Just swallow the Salis Tabs before every workout with a glass of water.

Why try Salis?

  • Contains all 5-essential electrolytes

  • Long lasting Endurance Release Formula

  • Gentle on the stomach

  • No Sugar, Flavors or Colors

  • Optimize Performance

  • Feel Great Every workout

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Salis is More Than Just Electrolytes

Easy to use. Nothing to prepare. Just swallow the Salis Tabs before every workout with a glass of water.

Works for 8-Hours

Our proprietary endurance release technology is designed to replace electrolytes over time

Gentle On the Stomach

The buffered formula is optimized to
avoid stomach irritation

Easy to Use

Salis is easy-to-use. Just swallow the tabs with a glass of water 30 mins before every workout.

Clean Ingredients

Salis is formulated to contain only the electrolytes  athletes naturally lose when they sweat

Allergen Free

No sugar, flavors, or colors. Naturally free of gluten, soy and dairy.

Chelated Zinc

Salis contains bioenhanced Zinc
to support healthy immune function.

One Packet.
Once a Day.
Before Every Workout.

Every athlete loses electrolytes when they sweat whether you are a Novice or a Pro.
All you have to do is swallow the Endurance Release Tabs before every workout with a cup of water.
Formulated with a precise electrolyte ratio to optimize your performance to help you finish strong every time.
None of the sugar, flavors or colors that may upset your stomach. Only the electrolytes every athlete naturally loses when they sweat.



Your product is legendary. I’ll be buying more!

Ruba N.

I felt so strong and confident especially down the stretch in my race

Cassidy L.

I tried Salis for the first time on race day and felt great with no stomach issues

Jess K.

Salis is my best friend during marathon training

Michael S.

Salis is a freaking GAME CHANGER

Jared C.

I notice the difference and is absolutely the best hydration product I have tried

Yetley S.

I used Salis on a 21 miler. Didn’t feel thirsty and felt strong. Simply Amazing

Mona T.

This is the only product that doesn’t upset my stomach on my runs

Mark P.

Salis is the best. I felt so strong today and didn’t have to stop for water once...

Nigel E.

Salis is made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure it won’t upset your stomach. Our Endurance Release Technology works for up to 8-hours providing the micronutrients you need before, during and after every workout. Designed for greater efficacy and absorption.


We select the most effective and bioavailable form of every single ingredient in Salis to deliver the highest possible quality and value.

Full Ingredients List